Interior design and architecture,
our passions at the service of your space.


Our values

“Manufacturing high-quality, sustainable and long-lasting products.”
Enhancing your multimediapublic and university libraries
to create memorable and remarkable spaces.

Our passion

“Creating emotion through reinvented interior design and architecture”
Interior design and architecture: passions leading to innovation,
inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Our vision

“Being one with the architectural project as a whole”
At the centre of the Coupechoux Group, IDM Design Library develops innovative,
attractive and enduring spaces to offer you unique, original and inspired places.

Our requirements

“Raw materials, design, production, and more.
Our commitment: quality control to meet your requirements”
Strict manufacturing and monitoring guidelines for impeccable quality,
from design through to delivery.
Siège social IDM | Groupe Coupechoux | Nantes

IDM Headquarters
Coupechoux Group

Added value


An injection of well-being and invitation to reverie with,
remarkable and memorable furnishings designed specifically to emphasise the space’s identity.
“Dramatizing the space through quirky,
charming objects designed specially for you.”

Understanding the space

An in-depth project analysis to provide a relevant
solution in keeping with the space, the architect’s vision
and the customer’s desires.
“Cross-functional levels,
scenography and tone blend harmoniously”

Comprehensive flow analysis

Creating a welcoming and fluid path of visual signs
based on the innovative approach of our expert teams.
“A functional, clear and intuitive layout for free movement”


Project management

Through its business approach, the team understands your project by paying special attention to your values and desires in order to provide a suitable response.
“A relevant analysis, precise specifications, and our innovative approach lead to unique projects”

Design office

Interior architects, product designers and graphic designers work meticulously, from layout through to signage, at creating inventive and enduring spaces.
“Multicultural and with high standards, the creative team is there to serve your unique project”


Our manufacturing plant produces your furniture industrially and offers bespoke multi-material manufacturing by combining expertise and specific production tools. Our team, both responsive and flexible, adapts its approach to meet your wishes.
“Shape, texture, material and colour are brought together generously for overall consistency”


We train our authorised technicians, specialised in the installation of shelving units, in order to guarantee optimised layout and the respect of deadlines.
“Assessing the location prior to installation, acceptance in terms of quality and quantity, worksite protection and the requirement of a properly delivered project”

Responsible approach

The design and manufacturing are carried out exclusively in France, in accordance with European environmental standards, in order to respect local production, shorter channels and high service quality.
“Eco-design, the watchword of our design process”